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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just some thoughts...

Life~ What is life? What is living? Is it merely exsisting? Aren't these questions the very same questions that have been pondered for generations? Why do we feel we must know? Why do we feel there must be a meaningful reason for exsistance?

Could it be that "we" have 'eaten from the tree of knowledge' , and in our quest to "be as God" -as the serpant beguiled Eve- we, too, have fallen into the same discontent... and, therefore, our 'pride of life' is never satisfied? We are not content with "just living", it leaves us feeling insignificant and unimportant- we must feel that we matter, we must 'make a difference', we must 'leave something behind' so extraordinary that it will ensure that we are never forgotten.

At some point in time, to some degree or another, it seems we all face the same feelings of 'needing' to 'know' the 'true' MEANING OF LIFE... and therefore the true meaning of our 'own' life-- from the innocent questions of the youngest child to the 'deeper questions' of the (so-called) great philosophers... we all want to know: WHAT is all this about??

Hmmm... maybe-just maybe-it's not for us to know. Maybe it's for us to simply live... to live the life our Creator has given us-and living it the way He has instructed us, to please Him and to bring Him pleasure. Maybe it's enough to live and love and just "be", until He decides it's time for eternity. He placed Adam in the garden He had planted and simply told him to "keep it"... it is that simple. Our lives are to be obedient to the One who created us.

Our life is a gift and we should be mindful that we are the created, and HE is the Creator; that we see in a glass darkly... our eyes only see the threads of His tapestry: only He sees the full picture. Can we not be content in that? Can we not "just live"-- for Him? "Just be" what He has created us to be... human beings with the capacity to communicate and love and live in this earth He created us to live in; having communion with Him and one another; doing good and being good; loving and being loved. That's enough.

"We" need not matter: He matters. "We" ARE insignificant: He is Supernal. "We" are but dust: HE IS ALL IN ALL... and I'm so glad He is!!!

*A Joyful Thought*  And YaHWeH Elohim formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and MAN BECAME A LIVING SOUL. (Gen.2:7) HallaluYAH!

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